Friday, April 22, 2011

end of my life...

salam. hye, da lama xupdate blog nie, last skali last year kot.. huhu.. anyway, my life is over.. not over like death or something, just my life kt dq da berakhir sudah (sob sob sedey ok!).. da dapat da diploma (tapi xgrad lagi). anyway thanks to all my beloved lecturers (especially mrs anis syazwani n mr dasuki) and fwens yg banyak mengajar sya mcm2 la dlm menempuh kehidupan and sebagainye. anyway, thats not the point. the point of this post is to stress out my current situation / life...

so currently, saya menganggur lagi, xkeje pun.. dok rumah sajoh.. hanging around ngn kawan2, especially ekal n hasief, n now, i'm meeting with a new friend. name dier joe-yah. attractive yet simple person.. mle2 mse kua cam not much thing to share, sbb i'm not the "hey you, new friend" type of person, coz orang kate mle2 jmpe me mesti ckap i'm sombong, untill they start to talk to me, then they know that i'm very talkative.. anyway, back to the joe-yah story.. we hanging together for 2 days in a row, n its just damn awkward. but when the time goes by, its like we are long-missed click. and the person that brought as together, which is rina, just like a prop in some conversations. (ok, sometimes i'm the prop) but still, to talk and laugh that much, its not normal in your first or second meeting.

the thing is, i'm enjoy meeting new friends eversince (sebelum nie i dont give a damn in preserve my friendship, apatah lagi meeting new friends). maybe because the 'attractiveness' of joe-yah makes we are like bff.. huhu.. anyway, please pray for me, because i need so much lucks in searching for a job and further study. i thing thats all for now.. pape pun, i like the new me, maybe i;m not changing physically, but mentally and emotionally, i'm a beeter person now, i think so.. ok la, till then, adios!

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